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Hey! SourceBoston is going to be CRAZY!

Not crazy like Sammy-Hagar-has-clearly-abused-his-brain-and-its-giving-him-bad-information-to-come-out-of-his-mouth crazy, but crazy like, there-are-so-many-good-talks-you-can’t-possibly-not-get-value-out-of-the-conference crazy.

For example, I’ll be talking twice. Once with Dan Geer and Greg Shannon about Prediction Markets in InfoSec.  Then I’ll be giving one of THE FIRST EVER (!) debriefings of the 2011 DBIR (which is going to be crazy like both of the above). I’m really excited.

But enough about me.  In addition to yours truly, there will be Chris Nickerson talking about PTES (which you gotta see), Mudge, a Career Workshop with Lenny Zeltser and Lee Kushner, the intriguingly titled “Bringing Sexy Back: Defensive Measures That Actually Work” by Paul Asadoorian, Wim Remes, Andrew Jaquith(!), Andy Ellis, Ben Jackson, Wendy Nather (Building a Rube Goldberg Application Security Program wins best title ever), Travis Goodspeed, Ally Miller, Anton Chuvakin… WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, GO SIGN UP!


Wait. no.  before you do, send me a dm, @reply on twitter, email, comment on this post and Yours Truly, thanks to Dr. Stacy Thayer and my employer whose views and opinions I don’t represent, Verizon, I can get you some serious-@ss discount!   So ping me and THEN go register.  You won’t be sorry.