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Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

The Microsoft SIR was released 4/8 and is available for download here.  Some of the interesting stuff they put in graphs is from the Open Security Foundation’s OSF Data Loss Database (  Among the interesting things in the Microsoft SIR:

Good old theft and losing equipment, when combined, still beats the sexier categories hands down.

The Brazilians like their Password stealers, apparently.

This graph shows infection rates world wide. I find the most interesting region to be Japan. You look at Japan and Germany and you have to wonder, “What are they doing right?”

So apparently WoW creds are still more valuable than credit card numbers?

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  • Adam says:

    Just a quick note from a co-blogger: I’m a listed author of the MS SIR, but didn’t speak to Alex about posting it. I felt that me posting it here might blur the “not speaking for our employers” line.

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