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What Would Jesus Compile?

Generally, when I talk about religion, it’s in the Emacs vs. vi sense. One of my RSS bookmarks contained a somewhat thought-provoking article about the similarities between the philosophy advanced by Free Software Foundation, and certain aspects of Catholic doctrine, and ‘Christian charity’ more broadly. It’s an interesting take on Open Source, and perhaps appropriate for Easter.
Of course, this is coming from a guy whose favorite OSes have an Apple and a devil as their logos. :^)

One comment on "What Would Jesus Compile?"

  • Your mention of the BSD demon reminds me of an encounter at one of those office supply chain stores…
    I was wearing my Hexley (that’s a platapus wearing a little BSD devil hoodie) tshirt when I stopped in to buy some CD-Rs. I took my purchase to the counter, and the cashier was genuinely spooked by the shirt.
    “There’s a demon on your shirt!”
    “Oh, that’s Hexley, he’s the mascot for Darwin, the open source portion of Mac OS.”
    “Yeah, it’s joke on the name of Charles Darwin’s friend Huxley.”
    “Darwin as in evolution?” (at this point, the poor cashier’s looking around for either a stake or a bottle of holy water.)
    I thought about asking the manager that they should brief their employees about Silicon Valley computer culture, and just because someone has a demon on their shirt doesn’t mean they are in league with Satan, but I think that guy was the manager.

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