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There’s an interesting new draft, Best Practices for IoT Security:What Does That Even Mean? It’s by Christopher Bellman and Paul C. van Oorschot. The abstract starts: “Best practices for Internet of Things (IoT) security have recently attracted considerable attention worldwide from industry and governments, while academic research has highlighted the failure of many IoT product…

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As security professionals, have we ever sat down and truly made an effort to empirically determine what controls are actually effective in our environment and what controls do very little to protect our environment or, worse yet, actually work to undermine our security. That’s from The Need for Evidence Based Security, by Chris Frenz, is…

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So apparently my “friends” at are marking my email as junk today, with no explanation. They’re doing this to people who have sent me dozens of emails over the course of months or years.

Why does no spam filter seem to take repeated conversational turns into account? Is there a stronger signal that I want to engage with someone than…repeatedly engaging?

Back in October, 2014, I discussed a pattern of “Employees Say Company Left Data Vulnerable,” and its a pattern that we’ve seen often since. Today, I want to discuss the consultant’s variation on the story. This is less common, because generally smart consultants don’t comment on the security of their consultees. In this case, it…

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