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Bay Area Security Incident Exercise

For those who are located in the SF Bay Area (or will be there on February 21st), the Silicon Valley ISSA Chapter is hosting a one day mock security incident exercise.

The goal of the exercise is to explore how different organizations and industries must work together to respond to events based on their organizational mission or needs, and how their actions and decisions could conflict or mesh with the plans of others in their industry or local community. During this event, the industry breakout sessions will be separated and only provided scenario details specific to their industry. Participants in each industry group may communicate electronically with the other industries’ participants, but won’t know to what information the other has been exposed—except for the media reports seen by all industries. These events will play out over multiple “virtual” days; participants will need to work together within their industry and in communicate with other industries to attempt to maintain operations and take care of the community, their customers, and staff.

The exercise is being conducted by Verizon Security Services, who I don’t have any personal experience with, but who has done similar events in the past. Have any of you gone to one of these events and speak to the quality?

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