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Quicktime WMF like Vulns on OSX and Windows

The folks at eEye and Fortinet have identified a variety of image based heap overflows that allow for arbitrary code execution on both OSX and on Windows. Also an article on claims that the patch initially caused some issues for some users on both platforms, that have been addressed now. Seems that poor implementation of image formats isn’t limited to just Microsoft. Any guesses to how long before we see malware for these vulns?

4 comments on "Quicktime WMF like Vulns on OSX and Windows"

  • Some points:
    — these aren’t vulnerabilities in core components invariably exposed to Mail and Web
    — the image vulnerabilities apply to QuickTime player, not Safari or Mail
    — WMF isn’t an overflow, it’s something much simpler to make reliable

  • Arthur says:

    Excellant points. My main point of concern was the quicktime plugin for Safari, Firefox, and IE and someone posting malicious videos claiming to be porn or what not. But yes, it does seem like this is a less serious issue than WMF.

  • Ryan Russell says:

    No one seems to care to make any good malware for OS X. There have been some good vulns for it in the past, too.

  • Arthur says:

    Well when vuln exploitation is about using and abusing machines for monetary purposes it’s probably not worth the effort to focus on such a small market segment. On the other hand, this also effect win2k and winxp.

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