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Thanks, Adam

I’ll confess to some stage fright, since this blog’s readership is probably two or three orders of magnitude larger than what my fortnightly rants over at my place probably garner.
Anyway, I hope to have posts forthcoming about a few things, among them CVSS, and research into estimating the impact of security events (variously defined) on firm valuations.
My thanks to Adam for his gracious hospitality, and to those reading this for their kind indulgence and, I anticipate, invigorating feedback.

2 comments on "Thanks, Adam"

  • Saar Drimer says:

    Guest bloggers is a great way to bring in new styles and ideas. Good luck.
    One minor comment… I think it would be good to have the author more clearly mentioned somewhere at the beginning of the post. Perhaps “CW: title” if it is anyone else but Adam, or “By Chris Walsh” as a subtitle. I know you can see the author’s username in tiny font at the end of the post, but it would be better to appear somewhere near the title. IMHO.

  • DM says:

    Welcome Chris!

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