Certify Security?
Al Potter
Premier Services Labs Manager
apotter@icsalabs.com, PGP Key ID: 0x58C95451

"Why 3d Party Security Assurance"
Why 3d Party Security Assurance?
What –IS- Certification?
What’s Missing?
The Premier Services Approach

Why 3d Party Assurance?
Vendor: “Trust me, it’s secure.”
Customer: “OK!” (Doh!)
or “Yeah, Right….”
or “Secure?  Whassat?”
Reagan: “Trust, but Verify….”

(Generic) Certification
A performance standard is set.
Test Methods are established.
Product is evaluated, producing evidence.
Evidence is presented; a decision is made as to whether the evidence supports the conclusion that the product meets the standard.
If it does, Somebody issues a Certificate.

Certification, Cont’d
This is “Evidence Based” Security Assessment…..

What’s Missing?
“Certification” is (supposed to be) Objective, Black and White.
This doesn’t fit a lot of today’s security problems:
Anything where vendor reaction time is an issue.
The “Snapshot” Problem

Premier Services
Certify what we can
Evaluate the rest
Compare where possible
In the end, you have more assurance than before……