Don't use RSAREF

I recommend not using RSAREF in any new development. First, no one is maintaining the library. Second, the prime reason to use it, the RSA patent, has expired. Third, it does not include AES or SHA-2, which I see as a fatal flaw in a modern library. If you're interested in the code, ask your favorite search engine; all the links below are broken.

Archived old page follows:

RSAref 2.0, by RSA Data Security Inc.

RSAref 2.0 from Consensus Development

RSAeuro 1.04/1.10, from Reaper Technologies by J.S.A.Kapp

All versions share the same base interface & functionality; only the licensing differs from a practical standpoint.

md2 md5 (RSAEuro adds md4, shs)
r_random (hash a seed)
private key ciphers:
des, desx, 3des (RSAEuro Commercial adds Blowfish, RRC2)
Public key systems:
dh RSA
in RSAEuro, RSA assembler code for i386, motorola 68000, sparc. Also adds RFC 1421 PEM
Tested with:
Mac, PC, UNIX with ANSI C (includes gcc) RSAeuro does not include Mac port