It would be trite writing to say it was fun to be on a podcast with Volko Ruhnke and Hadas Cassorla to talk about using games to teach. And while it was, it was really educational and inspirational. I learned from both of them, and I hope you enjoy the podcast as well! Volko Ruhnke,…

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Rupin Gupta runs Digital Guru books. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, a real joy to work with, and he works hard to put books on shelves so that you can discover them. With the conference business changing, Digital Guru needs some help. Borrowing some words from my editor Jim Minatel: “If…

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There’s a humble bundle out that includes my Threat Modeling: Designing for Security, The Shellcoders Handbook, Practical Reverse Engineering, The Art of Intrusion, Social Engineering, Crypto Engineering, a nearly complete set of Bruce Schneier, and more! And your donations benefit EFF! The deal is good through Monday morning at 11 Pacific.

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You may have noticed that my end of the year posts are all science focused. Today, a set of resources on the COVID vaccines. First, the FDA has authorized two vaccines for emergency use. The review memoranda (Pfizer, Moderna) are all sorts of fascinating. As the kids say, TL;DR: both vaccines are safe and no…

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Congratulations to the Chinese for the success of their Chang’e 5 lunar sample return mission! The complexity of landing a robot on the moon and returning it safely to Earth is enormous. In contrast to the Apollo series of missions, which launched and returned inside of a week, Chang’e took a week to get to…

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As we look at what’s happened with the Russian attack on the US government and others via Solarwinds, I want to shine a spotlight on a lesson we can apply to threat modeling. An example of asset-driven thinking leads the article Hack may have exposed deep US secrets; damage yet unknown. And I don’t want…

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