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These are the books that I read in Q2 2020 that I think are worth your time. Sorry it’s late. They’re still worthwhile. 🙂 Cyber You’ll See This Message When It Is Too Late, by Josephine Wolff. This is an interesting examination of the effects of finger-pointing and blame avoidance on the cybersecurity landscape, with…

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At the Biohacking Village at Defcon, there was an interesting talk on Includes No Dirt threat modeling. I thought this slide was particularly interesting. As threat modeling moves from an idea through pilots and deployments, and we develop the organizational disciplines of threat modeling, the question of ‘when do we do this’ comes up. There’s…

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It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I prefer the written word to audio and video, but 2020 being 2020, I now have a YouTube Channel, with the first video below:

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