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As we look at what’s happened with the Russian attack on the US government and others via Solarwinds, I want to shine a spotlight on a lesson we can apply to threat modeling. An example of asset-driven thinking leads the article Hack may have exposed deep US secrets; damage yet unknown. And I don’t want…

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There’s a threat modeling manifesto being released today by a diverse set of experts and advocates for threat modeling. We consciously modeled it after the agile manifesto and it’s focused on values and principles. Also, there’s a podcast that gives you a chance to listen, behind-the-scenes at The Threat Modeling Manifesto – Part 1.

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The reason I hate compliance programs is because they’re lists of things we need to do, and many times, those things don’t seem to make a great deal of sense. In threat modeling, I talk about the interplay between threats, controls, and requirements, and I joke that “a requirement to have a control absent any…

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The Elevation of Privilege game has had way more staying power than I would have expected. But the online experience in this time of global pandemic has left out some of the magic that made it work. So I was really skeptical when Simon Gibbs from Agile Stationery mailed me about an approach to playing…

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