George Akerlof shared the 2001 Nobel prize in economics for his paper on “Lemon markets.” While reading Akerlof’s Nobel Prize essay, I was struck by the comment: I submitted “Lemons” there, which was again rejected on the grounds that the The Review did not publish papers on topics of such triviality. It seems to me…

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Experts tend to know that when journalists report on their subject, things get twisted up and wrong. You start to evaluate a publication by looking at how it does on subjects you know, and assume that its work is consistently at the same level. I’ve been (cautiously) reading Informed Comment, by Juan Cole. He tends…

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There’s a coalition of universities working on a security testbed, called DETER. It’s an excellent idea, and apparently, they’re up and running. I look forward to the output from the conference. I hope they’ll ensure that all papers are online and available to the public.

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