Friends, colleagues, and co-conspirators, It has been 17 long years and now the time is finally here to celebrate at the: BLIND SIGNATURE PATENT EXPIRATION PARTY WHAT: A party to celebrate the expiration of the Blind Signature patent. WHY: U.S. Patent 4,759,063 (“Blind Signature Systems“) to David Chaum is the core invention enabling privacy-protecting electronic…

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Over at Usable Security, Ping is blogging about the SOUPS conference, which I’m unfortunately missing. Alan Schiffman is also blogging a little. However, Ping is posting so much that his first posts today have already scrolled off the top of his blog. Who knew he’d invent a new denial of service attack?

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Adam Sah (hi Adam!) has a great page of startup advice I hadn’t seen before. Presentations from RECon are now online. The University of Connecticut will be offering a Masters in Homeland Security. That’s a database I’d like to steal. Thanks to Chris Walsh for pointing it out. I’ve been meaning to followup on Juxtaposition’s…

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