I’m honored to have my threat modeling book on this short list with Daniel Kahneman, Tony Hsieh, Nicole Forsgren, and Tom DeMarco: “Summer Reading List: Top Recommendations from our Engineers.”

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Moonshorty apollo17 1080

I had not seen this amazing picture of Harrison Schmitt near Shorty Crater. Via Astronomy Picture of the Day. If you enjoy these, Full Moon is a gorgeous collection of meticulously scanned Apollo images. There are various editions; I encourage you to get the 11″x11″ one, not the 8×8.

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Some of what I’ve read over the past quarter, and want to recommend each of the books below as worthy of your time. Cyber The Internet of Risky Things, Sean Smith. This was a surprisingly good short read. What I gained was an organized way of thinking and a nice reference for thinking through the…

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There’s a Humble Bundle on Cybersecurity, full of Wiley books. It includes my threat modeling book, Ross Anderson’s Security Engineering, Ferguson, Schneier and Kohno’s Crypto Engineering and more. I hope that this is the best price you’ll ever see on these books. Get ’em while they’re hot. The bundle goes to support EFF &/or Water…

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