I’m doing some work that involves seeing what people are saying about the state of malware in 2010, and search terms like “malware report” get a lot of results, they don’t always help me find thinks like the Symantec ISTR, the McAfee threats report or the Microsoft SIR. To date, I’ve found reports from Cisco,…

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Things are busy and chaotic, but while I’m unable to blog, here’s some audio and video I’ve done recently that you might enjoy: “Meeting of the Minds” with Andy Jaquith and myself in either text or audio. Face-Off with Hugh Thompson “Has social networking changed data privacy forever?” Video

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When this blog was new, I did a series of posts on “The Security Principles of Saltzer and Schroeder,” illustrated with scenes from Star Wars. When I migrated the blog, the archive page was re-ordered, and I’ve just taken a few minutes to clean that up. The easiest to read version is “Security Principles of…

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After more than 5 years, nearly 3,300 posts, and 6,300 comments on Movable Type, we’re migrating the blog to WordPress on a new host. Please let us know if I broke something. This is the new machine. Photo: Face the World with a Peaceful Mind, by Ting Hay.

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We’ve been flooded with comment spam. I’ve added one of those annoying captcha things that don’t work, and a mandatory comment confirmation page. Please let me know if you have trouble. Blogname @, or adam @ I think comments are working, but most won’t show up immediately. I’m digging into more effective solutions.

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