There’s a new feed, of posts + comments, available here: RSS. (It’s also on in the little “blog tech stuff” list, if you want to come back to see it later.) Thanks to Lisa for setting this up!

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Over at Usable Security, Ping is blogging about the SOUPS conference, which I’m unfortunately missing. Alan Schiffman is also blogging a little. However, Ping is posting so much that his first posts today have already scrolled off the top of his blog. Who knew he’d invent a new denial of service attack?

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In a post titled “Why Blog, Anyway, Mark makes a really good point: And what about the audience? Readers who don’t blog may not be aware of how much bloggers want readers. Part (I suspect a very big part for most) of it’s an ego thing, like people on soapboxes at the town square with…

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