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Finally! A Cybersecurity Safety Review Board is a new article by Steve Bellovin and myself at Lawfare. One element of President Biden’s executive order on cybersecurity establishes a board to investigate major incidents involving government computers in somewhat the way that the National Transportation Safety Board investigates aviation disasters. The two of us, among many…

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The Supreme Court has ruled in the van Buren case, and there’s a good summary on the EFF’s blog: “The decision is a victory for all Internet users, as it affirmed that online services cannot use the CFAA’s criminal provisions to enforce limitations on how or why you use their service…” As I said at…

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People sometimes ask me about my recording setup, and I wanted to share some thoughts about recording good learning content. The most important thing I’ve learned is the importance of conceptualizing what you want it to look like. The other thing I’ve learned is that the more expensive gear is usually more expensive for decent…

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The National Science Foundation is looking for information on needs for datasets, Dear Colleague Letter: Request for Information on the specific needs for datasets to conduct research on computer and network systems. A draft of my responses is on Google Docs. Comments are due Friday at 5 PM EST. (I thought I’d posted this earlier.)

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