November 2020

As we launched the threat modeling manifesto, we ran into some trouble with TLS. Some of you even reported those troubles, by saying “it’s not working.” Thanks. That’s so helpful. Sarcasm aside, there’s a basic form to a helpful bug report: “I did A, and observed B.” If you want to make it really useful,…

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There’s a threat modeling manifesto being released today by a diverse set of experts and advocates for threat modeling. We consciously modeled it after the agile manifesto and it’s focused on values and principles. Also, there’s a podcast that gives you a chance to listen, behind-the-scenes at The Threat Modeling Manifesto – Part 1.

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Before the election, I wrote about legitimacy. In that, I said “The second function of democracy is to convince everyone that it produces legitimate and correct choices.” There are two important things worth watching. First, President Trump is attempting to cast doubt on an election in which he was thoroughly rejected by voters. Second, we…

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I posted this image in 2004. . Even more relevant now. While we have a country that is clearly divided, the dividing lines are not so neat as the maps showing states going one way or the other. Updated Nov 7, see also

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The first function of democracy is to enable the peaceful handover of power from one group to another. For this, all its myriad sins are forgiven. The peaceful handover of power from one group to another is not a sure thing. Historically, it’s something of an aberration. There are all sorts of reasons, when you…

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