September 2020

The reason I hate compliance programs is because they’re lists of things we need to do, and many times, those things don’t seem to make a great deal of sense. In threat modeling, I talk about the interplay between threats, controls, and requirements, and I joke that “a requirement to have a control absent any…

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I joined Vin Nelsen for the Multi-Hazards podcast. If you’re looking for me to go beyond the bounds of technology threat modeling, this was, an interesting, far-ranging conversation about the state of the world. He also creates a study guide per episode — don’t miss the subtly labeled pdf there. I didn’t join in Security…

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Phil Venables is one of the more reflective and thoughtful CSOs out there, and in this era where everything is a tweet or a linkedin post (sigh) you may have missed that Phil has a blog. This Labor day, why not take the time to catch up on his writing?

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