April 2019

There’s a great post from my friends at Continuum, “Three Killer Arguments for Adopting Threat Modeling. Their arguments are “Threat Modeling Produces Measurable Security,” “Threat Modeling Done Right Encourages Compliance,” and “Threat Modeling Saves You Money.” (Actually, they have 6.)

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Congratulations to the Hayabusa2 mission team, who flew to an asteroid, dropped multiple rovers, an impactor and a separate camera satellite to observe the impactor. The Hayabusa2 then flew around, to the far side of the asteroid to avoid ejecta from the impactor. In a few weeks, Hayabusa2 will probably land, collect more samples and…

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“90% of attacks start with phishing!*” “Cyber attacks will cost the world 6 trillion by 2020!” We’ve all seen these sorts of numbers from vendors, and in a sense they’re April Fools day numbers: you’d have to be a fool to believe them. But vendors quote insane because there’s no downside and much upside. We…

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