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The image above is the frequency with which streets travel a certain orientation, and it’s a nifty data visualization by Geoff Boeing. What caught my attention was not just the streets of Boston and Charlotte, but the lack of variability shown for Seattle, which is a city with two grids. But then there was this…

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I remember an interview I read with Ahmet Erteg√ľn, the founder of Atlantic Records. He was talking about Aretha, and he said that one of his producers came in, saying that she wasn’t measuring up. He asked the producer what was up, and was told that they were trying to get her to sing like…

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Congratulations to the 2016 winners! Dan Geer, Chief Information Security Officer at In-Q-Tel; Lance J. Hoffman, Distinguished Research Professor of Computer Science, The George Washington University; Horst Feistel, Cryptographer and Inventor of the United States Data Encryption Standard (DES); Paul Karger, High Assurance Architect, Prolific Writer and Creative Inventor; Butler Lampson, Adjunct Professor at MIT,…

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I’m honored to have my threat modeling book on this short list with Daniel Kahneman, Tony Hsieh, Nicole Forsgren, and Tom DeMarco: “Summer Reading List: Top Recommendations from our Engineers.”

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That’s the subject of a thought-provoking Washington Post article, “In about 20 years, half the population will live in eight states,” and 70% of Americans will live in 15 states. “Meaning 30 percent will choose 70 senators. And the 30% will be older, whiter, more rural, more male than the 70 percent.” Of course, as…

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