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Please Participate: Survey on Metrics

I got an email from my friend John Johnson who is doing a survey about metrics.  If you have some time, please respond…
I am seeking feedback from others who may have experience developing and presenting security metrics to various stakeholders at their organization. I have a number of questions I’ve thought of, and put them into a simple survey form. I am  looking for any examples of the good, bad and ugly involved in developing meaningful metrics. What has worked well and what has failed miserably? How have you packaged and presented the results in a meaningful way to your executives?

If you can spare a few minutes, please consider taking this survey. Even if you answer one question, it is helpful!

You may also simply share an example, graphics or slides via email. I will be using your feedback to facilitate peer discussions and in a presentation aimed at educating security professionals on how they can improve their security metrics program.

Thanks in advance,