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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a report on the State of HTTPS Security that promises to be the first in a series and is well worth reading on its own.

The TL;DR version:  HTTPS adoption is growing rapidly, but the current system, especially the Certificate Authorities, has much room for improvement before it actually delivers the level of security that HTTPS implies.

Also, if you’re on Firefox and don’t already use it, EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere Plug-In is now officially 1.0.

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  • Information Secuity says:

    India has called for global coordination to ensure that internet continues to thrive without the fear of its misuse at the London Internatinal Cyber Conference that give the nature of the task and the fact that IT networks can be attacked from anywhere in the world.

    [Edited to add: This was posted by a spammer, “” pointing to their site. Only jerks would not even bother to tie their spam to the article. I hope that gets lots of loving mail telling them about how you feel about spammers, but remember, their time costs less than yours.]

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