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Securosis goes New School

The fine folks at Securosis are starting a blog series on “Fact-based Network Security: Metrics and the Pursuit of Prioritization“, starting in a couple of weeks.  Sounds pretty New School to me!  I suggest that you all check it out and participate in the dialog.  Should be interesting and thought provoking.

[Edit — fixed my mispelling of company name.  D’oh!]

3 comments on "Securosis goes New School"

  • Adrian Lane says:

    New School goes phonetic. But the joke’s on us for choosing a company name no one can pronounce.

    Thanks for the link love.


    • Adam says:

      Oh, just get on with it and change your name to New School Advisors. We’ll only charge a small royalty! 🙂

    • Russell says:

      D’oh! I have many fine qualities, but spelling and memory for names is not one of them.



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