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After more than 5 years, nearly 3,300 posts, and 6,300 comments on Movable Type, we’re migrating the blog to WordPress on a new host.

Please let us know if I broke something.

This is the new machine.

Photo: Face the World with a Peaceful Mind, by Ting Hay.

5 comments on "Migration"

  • test says:

    This is a test comment, not logged in

  • test says:

    more tests!

  • nitro322 says:

    You might want to put a redirect in place for your old feed URL(s). The only reason I found out about the new site was because my news reader started complaining about an invalid URL. 🙂

    Other than that, the new site looks good. Glad you were able to port over all the old content; I know that can sometimes be difficult when changing CMSes.

  • Tamzen says:

    Default type size is smaller than the old site 🙂 My old eyes are squinting and yes I know I can make it bigger, but it’s a pain to do each time. 🙂

  • admin says:


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