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You've Got To Move It Move It

Josh Corman had an awesome post over on Fudsec on Friday. It’s so awesomely appropriate to this blog, that I’m sharing it with you. My only complaint is that I wish that I had written instead. Go read it right now.

One comment on "You've Got To Move It Move It"

  • Russell says:

    Great post, Josh, and very good discussion from wgragido, ean, and gorrie.

    Regarding what InfoSec people and CISOs should do differently to evolve/change/adapt more effectively, we could start by including some “meta-metrics” for organization learning, agility, etc.

    I gave a presentation at Metricon a few years ago on this topic: “”Security Meta Metrics – Measuring Agility, Learning, and Unintended Consequences” . It includes some specific ideas for such metrics, but really almost any metric will be better than the willful ignorance that most security organizations have today about continuous learning.

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