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Botnet Research

Rob Lemos has a new article up on the MIT Technology Review, about some researchers from UC Santa Barbara who spent several months studying the Mebroot Botnet. They found some fascinating stuff and I’m looking forward to reading the paper when it’s finally published. While the vast majority of infected machines were Windows based (64% XP, 23% Vista), 6.4% were running either OS X Tiger or Leopard, demonstrating yet again that just because you have a Mac doesn’t mean you are safe. More interesting to me was:

The researchers also discovered that nearly 70 percent of those redirected by Mebroot–as classified by Internet address–were vulnerable to one of almost 40 vulnerabilities regularly used by the most popular infection toolkits designed to compromise computer systems. About half that number were vulnerable to the six specific vulnerabilities used by the Mebroot toolkit.

The research suggests that users need to update more often, says UCSB’s Vigna.

Unfortunately, until the paper comes out we won’t know which vulnerabilities were being used and how old they are. Hopefully, that will be explained further as it would be really interesting to see how this data compares with what Verizon found in their research.