September 2009

So Dave Mortman wrote: I don’t disagree with Adam that we need raw data. He’s absolutely right that without it, you can’t test models. What I was trying to get at was that, even though I would absolutely love to have access to more raw data to test my own theories, it just isn’t realistic…

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So awhile back, I posted the following to twitter: Thought of the Day: We don’t need to share raw data if we can share meta-data generated using uniform analytical methodologies. Adam, disagreed: @mortman You can’t test & refine models without raw data, & you can’t ask people with the same orientation to bring diverse perspectives.…

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Politics and power can manipulate the “ground truth data” we depend upon. Case in point: the VP residence image on Google Earth is still blurred, even though VP Dick Cheney has been out of office for almost a year. Could similar things happen in InfoSec data if it were more visible and public? You bet.

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