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Today's Privacy Loss – English Soldiers' Details Published

Demonstrating that no one’s data is safe, the names, pay records, and other personal information of 90,000 English soldiers was placed on the Internet. These soldiers, who served with king Henry V at Agincourt now have their information listed at, exposing them to the chance of identity theft after nearly 500 years. They soldiers served from the years 1369-1453. There is no word as to whether they will get credit card protection yet.

2 comments on "Today's Privacy Loss – English Soldiers' Details Published"

  • Dissent says:

    As an update:
    I understand that the ICO is looking into the breach because the data were unencrypted and that Henry V may have to sign a formal undertaking to comply with the Principles of the Data Protection Act.
    A spokesperson for Henry V indicated that they have no indication that the data have been misused but that out of an abundance of caution, they are putting fliers on all graves.

  • Strat says:

    One should be cognizant that the undead members of that cadre, if extant, could well take umbrage. I can’t help but wonder what the equivalent of the social insurance number was back then.

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