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Breach Notification Law Across the World

Breach Notice Laws around the world.jpgData Breach Noti?cation Law Across the World from California to Australia” by Alana Maurushat. From the abstract:

The following article and table examine the specifics of data breach notification frameworks in multiple jurisdictions. Over the year of 2008, Alana Maurushat of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, with research assistance from David Vaile and student interns Renee Watts, Nathalie Pala, Michael Whitbread, Eugenie Kyung-Eun Hwang and David Chau, compiled the data. The table represents a detailed survey of data breach disclosure requirements in 25 countries, conducted by surveying those current or proposed statutory or similar instruments setting out the nature and conditions of such requirements to give notice. The Centre hopes that the table will be useful to compare and contrast elements of data breach notification schemes.

The key data is in a table on page 7. You’ll have to download the paper to read it.

Via the Office of Inadequate Security.