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Friday Pogues Blogging

I saw the Pogues’ show at Chicago’s Riviera Theatre last night, exactly 22 years minus one day since the last time I saw them.
Spider Stacy seems to have fared a tad better than Shane :^). The show was good, but of course nothing can compare to nostalgia. A particularly enjoyable feature for me was the ecstatic reaction of a nearby woman who was a devoted fan — she was loving every millisecond. I was bemused thinking that last time I stood 15 feet from Shane and company she was probably not even toilet-trained.
There were plenty of grey hairs in the audience, even up front. I was polite and let a shorter person in front of me, and as the band got into things I wound up a few feet back from the stage, where the crowd was younger and ethanol-fueled. Luckily my quads are as strong, and my elbows as sharp, as they were back in the day.
Photo courtesy of, who have many more great shots

One comment on "Friday Pogues Blogging"

  • Megaroni says:

    What did this ecstatic young fan look like? She may have grown up on the pogues since she was 5 years old and never got to see them with Shane before. Did she happen to be in the company of 2 crazy irishwomen? Anyway, you don’t happen to have a setlist for the other night, do you? Thanks,
    A particularly adoring fan

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