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Belva's got a brand new blog

Ken Belva has a new blog at Looks like it is more “formal” and magazine-like than the typical blog, which many people will appreciate.
There seems to be a pretty solid collection of contributors, and the hunt is on for additional qualified writers. There’s even a raffle for an iPod (but I already have one).
Plenty of information is available at the official announcement page.
(Apologies for the title of this post to the late, great, James Brown)

One comment on "Belva's got a brand new blog"

  • Pedro says:

    If it’s formal, magazine style and written by a team then it’s a website, not a blog. You guys normally seem pretty smart, don’t get caught up in all this blogo-bollox hype.
    The term Blog relates to a personal online diary – when a team write content, as with your operation, it isn’t a blog anymore. Tagging your otherwise credible site with buzz-crap like Blogosphere only serves to diminish your credibility.

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