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The analog hole strikes again!

I had occasion to park at a rather large parking garage attached to a rather larger complex of hospitals in downtown Chicago today. The company that runs this garage does something smart — in addition to numbering the floors of the garage and giving them a characteristic color, they also play a well-known musician’s tunes as you wait for the elevator, and have signage regarding that musician prominently displayed. Today, I parked at level 4, can’t recall the color. The artist was Frank Sinatra. The sign showed a drawing of Hoboken’s favorite son in the fifties, and would definitely be memorable. What was even more memorable was the sign underneath the tinny loudspeaker from which one of Francis Albert’s hits came as I waited for the elevator:
“Unauthorized duplication prohibited”.
So much for my plan to stick it to Columbia records.

2 comments on "The analog hole strikes again!"

  • Nicko says:

    So much for my plan to stick it to Columbia records.
    Well, I’m glad to see you stuck it to the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office instead by leaving their mug-shot uncredited 🙂

  • Chris says:

    To tell the truth, I tried to go back and find the actual “celebrity mug shots” site I got the thing from, but I couldn’t. I figure the actual image is public domain and my use is fair.

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