June 2007

(Adds psychiatrist interview, industry comment, paragraphs 4, 7-17) CHICAGO, June 27 (EmergentChaos)- The American Medical Association called for more research into the public health risks of books and reading on Wednesday but stopped short of declaring them addictive. The AMA, which recommended a review of the current publishing system, also said it would leave it…

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Apparently, the forces of evil have inserted themselves a national ID clause into the immigration bill (two bad bills, risen from the dead together?) Please go to Unreal ID’s action page to send a fax. It only takes a minute.

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The article to which Adam linked in his post about Dark Side of the Moon mentioned derivative versions of the album as performed by other artists. That got me thinking of memorable covers, such as Senor Coconut’s classic renditions of Kraftwerk tunes (like The Robots and Autobahn). Ultimately, I just gotta throw in a quick…

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This is from Non Sequitur by Wiley. Since I’ve shrunk it to fit, the guard says to the other: Accept the security breach, or clean a litter box. Take your pick. Click the picture for the full-size one.

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