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We're number 18, but we try harder…

Adam (or perhaps EC?) is one of the top 59 infosec influencers, sayeth

18. Adam Shostack
Emergent Chaos is a group blog on security, privacy, liberty and economics - a self-declared “Emergent Chaos jazz combo of the blogosphere. ” While the EC bloggers tend to drift off topic with political posts, they shine at the nexus of politics and IT security, like their March 1, 2007 posts on banking security and the fine print issues surrounding the National ID card legislation.

Update: Thomas “14 is a Product of 2 Primes” Ptacek provides some deeper analysis. Read it.
Update2: Make sure you read the comments to Tom’s post @Matasano’s blog. The EC Pre-Blogging Dept. predicts wider blowback.

5 comments on "We're number 18, but we try harder…"

  • Nudecybot says:

    Awesome guys! While enjoying the jazz, who knew where it would lead?

  • beri says:

    The blog members should be even more proud. If you read the list of the competition on, almost everyone ahead of “us” on the list work for companies which are promoting their own products and services.
    This blog is interested in the whole picture.
    Also, does itsecurity think politics is not relevant to the subject? Maybe Adam should add the word “politics” to the list of topics covered, even before economics.

  • yahyah says:

    That ‘list’ is a collection of industry opinions. %75 of those blogs are void of content.

  • Phill says:

    Well I recognize your name, Tony Nadalin and Nico Popp and Bruce of course.
    As Tim Rice once told me: with all these lists the purpose is to recognize and honour the people who compile the lists.
    Where is Kim Cameron? Russ Housley? Eric Rescorla? Ben Laurie? Steve Bellovin? Ross Anderson? Ron Rivest? Dan Boneh? Brian LaMacchia? Radia Perlman? Paul Simmonds?
    What is influence any way? Is it decision power or persuasion power?

  • Anonymous says:

    just don’t get what your about.

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