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Security Through Obscurity, The Next Big Thing

meshPCMesh, a Canadian company, has something Better Than Encryption.

Encrypted files are still visible on the hard drive. This makes them vulnerable to attack from anyone who is interested enough in the content of the files to spend time trying to decipher them. And with more and more hackers intent on defeating modern encryption algorithms, a need exists for a better type of protection.

In addition to rapidly becoming obsolete, current encryption programs are slow. It takes as long as 10 minutes per 200 MB to encrypt or decrypt a file, while PCMesh Hide Files and Folders executes instantly regardless of the file size or number of files/folders being protected. Just one click is all it takes to render any file or directory invisible.

Yes, that will stop all those data breaches, we’ll just hide our files and when the machine is stolen, the identity thieves will simply not be able to find the files. I feel better all ready, don’t you?

via El Reg, photo courtesy of killermonkeys

2 comments on "Security Through Obscurity, The Next Big Thing"

  • Adam says:

    I loved it. It was much better than `Cats.’ I’m going to use it again and again.

  • Kementh says:

    YAY! not am I not really protecting my confidential data! i’m also installing what is effectively a rootkit!

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