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I'm Glad I'm a Beta!

27B Stroke 6 tells us of a story. The domain was removed from the net by GoDaddy, its registrar.

Why? Because MySpace complained. He’s got a mailing list archive and it has some stuff in it that pissed MySpace off — security information about phishing attacks. That’s well and good, but GoDaddy yanked the whole domain!

Now we find out that GoDaddy gave its owner an hour to respond, when the data had been there for nine days. Well, that makes everything much better. Their rationale? We have to ProTeCT tHe chILdrEN!!! And on top of it all, it turns out that it was actually about one minute, showing that GoDaddy went to the same math school that Verizon did.

I actually don’t care much about the details, which you can read here.

I’m willing to agree on the very little I know that the offending posts oughta go, but I think they massively over-reacted, and are compounding the over-reaction with more over-reaction.

I can tell you that never have I ever been so happy to be a lazy slug who has never gotten my domains off of Network Solutions! Many people have hectored me to change for years, but it’s a pain and I never really liked the GoDaddy Super Bowl ads, either. I always defended myself by saying that having your domains with NetSol is like having your long distance with AT&T. They’re the devil you know.

I’m so happy to find out I made the right decision. Thanks, GoDaddy! And to all you who have made fun of me for years — Hah! You alphas work so hard, I’ll bet it will be easy to switch.