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Hey, Guys and Gals, Security is No Longer a Problem!

Here’s the lead story in this week’s CSO magazine. I’m sure glad we no longer have to worry about breaches or compliance and can focus on whether we’re wearing the right things.

6 comments on "Hey, Guys and Gals, Security is No Longer a Problem!"

  • Chris says:

    Good god.
    Not only is the author of that dreck no relation (I feel I need to point that out), she has poor taste.
    There are colors other than black and white, dear.
    I hasten to add that any male CSO who needs to be told to tuck in a dress shirt probably should be advised to take off the Spock ears first.
    I’m eager to see Arthur’s reaction. BTW, Art — I’m a 42 regular. If you are too, when you purge your closet of all non-black jackets, you can send them to me.

  • Adam says:

    I’m adding a Cartier watch to my amazon wish list!

  • Arthur says:

    Chris, I actually have one non-black jacket, I think it’s a 44 regular so you’ll have to have it altered.
    I’m totally with you on Ms Walsh’s sense of style. Clearly she studied at the IBM school of 80s dress and has never seen a utilikilt…

  • Gunnar says:

    as a cso you have to always look good because you never know when the media will show up with tv cameras and ask you to explain your latest confidential data breach

  • Chris says:

    Gunnar, you have nailed it.
    Those Cartier watches are *awesome* at reflecting the Klieg lights back at the reporters, thereby disorienting them.

  • Geez, I can think of several companies where wearing a Cartier watch would get you put on leave pending investigation, if not escorted right out the door. Also a bad idea to drive a Rolls Royce to work. And hey, why is there no mobile communication device fashion advice? Big, little, red, black, long, flip, bluetooth, wired…what’s a CSO to do?

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