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Aspen Privacy Breach

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that “Stars Find Privacy Breached
In Aspen by Phone Book”
(behind paywall, sorry). According to the Journal:

When the Yellow Book directory for Aspen, Colo. came out recently, residents of this ultra-chic ski town found it contained more than the usual list of local bars, hair salons and ski shops.
It also included the previously unpublished addresses of actor Jack Nicholson, former Walt Disney Co. boss Michael Eisner and the deceased ex-chairman of Enron Corp. Kenneth Lay, among other celebrities and executives accustomed to keeping their contact information unpublished. The incident was first reported in the Aspen Daily News.

Yellow Book has stated that they used a third-party marketing service for the data for the phone book. I guess someone forgot to double-check that the requests for not having a number listed were being honored prior to publication. Oops….
[Edit: A commentator pointed me to the original article in the Aspen Daily News]
[Edit: America’s Finest News source covered this issue years ago. (Thanks Adam)]

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