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“Decaf” over on DeadBeefCafe, relates the story of a colleague whose response to yet another virus outbreak is to convince management to purchase Macintoshes, with the following justification:

We’re going to buy Mac Minis and run Windows on them because Macs aren’t affected by these security problems.

Decaf breaks down the several fallacies of this statement and sardonically sums it up with:

So we’re left with the best security method I’ve heard of: A different case! By affixing an Apple logo onto the host, we’ve made it more secure, because Macs aren’t subject to the same security problems.

Just when I think that my organization is getting behind the curve for one reason or another, I come across something like this and I feel lucky to be where I am today.
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  1. I guess it’s approaching time to stare honestly at last year’s crazy predictions. Here’s one…

    “9. Macs won’t be seriously hit by security issues, but will suffer a few minor embarrassments which will be trumped up in the press. The Mac application space will come under attack. On the other hand, Apple doesn’t look ready for a security war, and will muff it, regardless. Welcome to the Hotel California!”
    Any calls?

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