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New rules, you say?

Vystar Credit Union was hit by “hackers”, who obtained personal info on 10% or so of their 334,000 customers. The information included “names, addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, mothers’ maiden names and e-mail addresses”, according to
Credit union CEO Terry West took a rather old school approach:

West said the company noticed the invaded information “a few weeks ago,” before turning to Jacksonville-based IT consulting firm Idea Integration, who confirmed the breach.
West insisted that the stolen information consisted of “things you can get from a variety of sources anyway.”

Adam, did you forget to send Terry a copy of the New Rules memo? He obviously isn’t familiar with it.
Florida’s breach law took effect well before this event. That law requires notice to be sent “without unreasonable delay”.
Hat tip to the Identity Theft Resource Center, who maintain a pretty decent breach list. Too bad they overwrote the 2005 version with a file of the same name.

3 comments on "New rules, you say?"

  • Adam says:

    Yeah, I did. Sorry about that.
    But as Gibson said, the future’s unevenly distributed, and it’s clear that little of it is in Florida.

  • Chris Walsh says:

    IMO, Florida will have a disproportionate share of the future. Starting around the Elian Gonzalez time, I began to pick up vibes that Florida was going to be the next California in terms of leading edge weirdness of the bad sort — the kind of thing Hunter Thompson would wind up writing about. If you look at population growth, etc. the signs are there. Nevada may give it a run for its money, but that’s really a city-state, so I don’t think it has the mass.
    Of course, if the state winds up under a foot of water, this will not be a consideration :^).

  • Roy Nagle says:

    Yeah, Lousiana so lead the way there.

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