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NYC mayor advocates DNA databank of all U.S. workers

Seriously. Plus, he says it wouldn’t be a civil liberties issue.

3 comments on "NYC mayor advocates DNA databank of all U.S. workers"

  • Alex Hutton says:

    “The mayor said DNA and fingerprint technology could be used to create a worker ID database that will “uniquely identify the person” applying for a job, ensuring that cards are not illegally transferred or forged.”
    Beyond the fact that it would make millions of Americans (further?) resent their government, I just don’t see the price to risk payoff here.

  • Iang says:

    Some people like to point out that what the Bush administration do is no different to anything that has happened in the past.
    But I think they are wrong in that. Although many of the actual events have precedents, this is the first time that the USG has done these things without even a pretence at apology, embarrassment, guilt or fear of being caught.
    This syndrome has now spread to many other areas of government (and probably other places). It’s now OK for anyone in government to propose anything, without any fear. Bush (in the wider sense) figured out how to short out the feedback loop of reasonable behaviour.
    Leastways, that’s how it appears to this dumb schmuck furriner.

  • Iang – Not sure that one can blame Bush specifically, in this case. Despite cultivating a culture of fear, he’s not in synch with the right wing side of his party (or indeed, many populist Dems).
    I’ve said it before: the immigration “problem” could be solved by offering a green card to any illegal immigrant who reported his/her employer.

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