December 2005

Now 17, David hit on the idea of building a model breeder reactor, a nuclear reactor that not only generates electricity, but also produces new fuel. His model would use the actual radioactive elements and produce real reactions. His blueprint was a schematic in one of his father’s textbooks. Ignoring safety, David mixed his radium…

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I’ve made a bunch of changes to style and template stuff. Most noticeable should be that post titles are now links to the posts. There’s also a whole lot of consistency improvements for the Moveable Type 3.2 software. The one remaining change is to bring full (extended) entries into the RSS feed. That Mt3.2 software…

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We get Mystery Science Theater 3000, they get Badly Dubbed Porn: Badly Dubbed Porn showcases vintage soft porn movies re-dubbed with a wickedly funny soundtrack by some of Britain’s most talented comedy actors. Via the lovely and very funny Ms. Kitka.

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I’d like to draw your attention to two worthy causes: Tor, and the Creative Commons. Larry Lessig is looking to raise money to ensure that the Creative Commons maintains their non-profit status, and the fine folks who bring you the Tor Internet privacy tool are looking for donations so they can continue their important work.

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The Tallahassee Democrat reports on an interesting disclosure instance: whistleblowers revealing allegedly shoddy data security practices at their former employer. The twist is that those doing the talking are not the folks whose jobs were outsourced, but former employees of the outsourcing firm. From the article: In an affidavit taken for a lawsuit by five…

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