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Firm breached in Scottrade incident to sell business unit

From the press release:

SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — silex technology
america, Inc. and TROY Group, Inc. signed a definitive agreement effective
today stating that silex technology america will acquire the Wireless &
Connectivity Solution Business of TROY Group, Inc.
“We are pleased to announce this transaction as we believe that the
synergies Silex will be able to accomplish will be good for the customers and
employees of Wireless and Connectivity Solutions,” stated Patrick Dirk CEO and
President of TROY Group, Inc. “The transaction will allow TROY to focus on
its largest business Secure Payment Systems

(Emphasis added)
I have no idea whether the portion of the business they are selling is losing money for Troy Group, but apparently silex thinks it will, in their hands, make money. So, we have a firm which revealed account-level information on 140,000 customers of another company deciding to rely more heavily on the business unit involved in the breach for the return shareholders expect. That is noteworthy and unexpected.