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Defensive driving

As most parents of young children would no doubt attest, when driving with “precious cargo” — lives you particularly want to protect — you typically take extra precautions. Special safety seats with five point harnesses, specialized mounting hardware, taking that bit of extra care that maybe you wouldn’t if driving alone.
Well, that may all be well and good for the protection of those who’ll get stuck with the tab for today’s tax cuts for the wealthy, but for the most special passengers in an especially dangerous neighborhood, United States Representatives visiting Iraq, extra special care is needed. What might that care be, you ask? Why, driving in a steel box with no cushioning an bolts sticking out, of course! Also — passengers are free not to wear seat belts, and the appropriate way to drive is very fast and aggressively, right down the middle of the road, in order to “deter oncoming motorists”.
Thing is, occasionally those oncoming motorists drive big trucks, and play chicken better than you do. The result? Your precious cargo winds up in the hospital.
Money quote from uninjured Georgia representative Jim Marshall: “Shoot, this is more dangerous than the terrorists”.
More details at Editor and Publisher.

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  • Iang says:

    LOL… that is what goes on in a warzone. Movement is a great defensive tactic. Also you don’t want to signal high value targets by using anything other than straight vehicles. If the attacker could spot the ones with the cushions and seatbelts inside then he’d try much harder to get them.

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