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As we now know courtesy of the Philippines’ National Capital Regional Police Office, a typical terrorist is “a man aged 17 to 35, wearing a ball cap, carrying a backpack, clutching a cellular phone and acting uneasily” [].
This critical piece of intelligence, I am sorry to report, seems to have taken a step closer to reality, now that the Chicago Police Department, in conjunction with various federal law-enforcement agencies, is establishing a “security bubble” around the ballpark colloquially (and now accurately) known as “the Cell” — the Windy City’s US Cellular Field. In order to get within a block of the stadium, you have to have a ticket, and the area will be patrolled by thousands of police. This purports to decrease the likelihood of a terrorist attack during the World Series.
(Personally, I’d prefer to see the risk exposure limited by having the Sox take it in four.)

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  • s/Terrorist/Scalper/ to get the real intent of the lockdown.
    But hey, you’re now out of danger of scalpers, and Shoeless Joe’s ghost can stop haunting Iowa.

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